Lauren O

Lauren is a senior stylist at Entrenous Salon in London, Ontario.  Over fifteen years of experience in the industry, she has an established career behind the chair.  With the freedom that this provides, she can travel to meet her clients where they need her-even the top of a mountain for a sunset ceremony!  Her warm personality and confidence in formal hairstyling is just what you need to relax and enjoy getting ready for your special day.


Steph D

Steph and Lauren have worked side-by-side in salon for over a year, creating a seamless partnership.  Steph does a beautiful job getting guests prepped, keeping track of the schedule, and bringing a light and fun approach to the day.

Guest Artists

Occasionally we will need a second hairstylist on site for larger parties or those with time constraints.  Rest assured, anyone who is involved with the company is highly qualified and works with the team on a regular basis.